Lack of Updates

I’ve sort of left this place to gather dust mainly due to work related commitments meaning I do not currently need to chase work.

I do have a plan to make this place a bit more cohesive and focused at some point in the future.

Until then have a browse of my old University work and let me know what you think!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that



(Image Source: OLIVER BERG/AFP/Getty Images)

Yeesh! It has been a busy few weeks for me! Moving onto new projects at work equals new challenges, so I have been arriving home feeling deader than dead. (That’s a whole lot of dead in case you did not know) As a result other, things as usual, have fallen to the wayside.

Still, I have managed to find the time to scribble down many game design ideas and additions to current projects such as CV: The Game! and I am hoping to get some serious design and development time in over the next couple of weeks. CV: The Game! is a great idea that needs to be finished and sooner rather than later will only benefit me. So that is my priority going forward.

In the meantime I have been doing the eternal task of tweaking my LinkedIn Profile and CV just in case something comes up or somebody stumbles across them.

No posts this week


Because I’m moving house! Yet again!

Yup for like the seventh time in three years I am packing up all of my stuff and moving. Thankfully it won’t be to far this time, it’s down the road practically. So bare with more for a week or so and I will throw up an update for Callum’s CV: THE GAME! I’m also working on a post release update for Portalus Inferis so keep an eye out for that.

Stay tuned!

Coming this week

I’m determined to get back into the swing of things this week! So expect the following at some point over the next seven days:

  • A new part to Let’s Play God of War Ghost of Sparta!
  • Halo 4 stuff (gameplay impressions, videos, unboxing etc.)
  • A blog post of some sort.

This Week’s Schedule

I’m running behind on a few things this week and it has become clear that I’m not going to hit the deadline for Sony’s game pitch submission competition thing. Oh well!

However I am still going full steam ahead with the adventure game and my aim is to have the pitch document for it done, dusted and up on here for your viewing pleasure by the start of next week.

This week will be a bit bare bones but I will see what I can do to squeeze some more stuff in:

  • Today: Nothing 😦
  • Wednesday: Link Storm
  • Friday: a blog post if I can fit it in

If you are missing my writing and are desperate to read more you can! Just head over to my shiny new comic book blog, The Comic Book Reader and you can witness me ramble on about the comics I’m reading and the key issues facing the comics industry! Seeing as I’ve just started that particular site I am spending some time building it up which is one of the reasons things on here are a bit quiet this week.

I’m also aiming to get at least one more  part of my God of War Let’s Play out this week so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

This Week’s Schedule

So at the end of last week things went a bit doolally. I had something planned for the friday post, something I felt was fairly topical but then halfway through writing it I realised it was absolute crap and that I had to start over. So I pretty much shelved the idea for another time. BUT! Something far more interesting fell into my lap but it would require time to setup and get ready to write about. So that’s basically what I ended up doing over the weekend when I wasn’t playing Borderlands 2 with the wife (we cleared the Fink’s Slaughterhouse despite continual glitching). As a result things have shifted around this week.

  • Today: Delayed Friday Post this afternoon/evening
  • Wednesday: Link Storm
  • Friday: Maybe another post but no promises

You should also see one or two more parts to my God of War Ghost of Sparta playthrough pop up too. I’m also planning on making a lot of headway on the adventure game so I can start getting the documentation sorted for the deadline at the end of the month. so I best get on with it all!

New Beginnings

So here we are. A bright and shiny new site ready and willing for me to do whatever I want with it! I’m no longer held down by the limits imposed on me by the old site and I have a lot of plans to utilise the new found freedom this site brings. I can go in any direction I want. The world of blogging is once again open to me! Also my life is back to semi-normality so I can finally get back to my regularly scheduled posts. Huzza!

So without further ado here’s this week’s schedule:

  • Monday: Adventure Game Update (it has been far to long!)
  • Wednesday: Link Storm (I haven’t done one of these in ages!)
  • Friday: Friday Post (either my long awaited write up on Catherine or a post about Gamer culture and how it is perceived. I haven’t decided yet)

I’m also going to try and throw at least one or two new episodes of my God of War Ghost of Sparta Let’s Play which I am really getting into making. I’m also toying around with recording a couple more things with my Game Capture HD this week if I have time. We will see how things go.

In other news you may have noticed a couple of links appear to the right of the site. One if you know me or have followed me around online for a bit will be familiar, The Nerd Is The Word (which due to reasons outside of my control is currently down/not working as it should) is back and I’m trying to add more regular posts to that particular tumblr. The other The Play Vault is not so familiar. The Play Vault is a small gaming site that I’ve joined as a writer. I will be publishing one or two posts there a week and depending on how things go, getting involved with the site’s community and other writers.

You can see my first post for The Play Vault by heading here.

I’ve joined The Play Vault for multiple reasons, the main ones being:

  • It is something to keep me occupied while I’m looking for full time work.
  • It gets me started on a possible side job/career as a games journalist (don’t worry! Game design is still my main focus and dream!)
  • It can add to and help with my game design skills
  • I get to talk about games!

So from time to time do not be surprised if I link to articles from there.

So yeah that’s it for now expect new posts and content heading you way later on today and this week!

There is a reason for the lack of posts…

I have decided to leave posting anything until after the Eurogamer Expo when my schedule for the foreseeable future is wide open and free for me to concentrate on this site and getting a job!

I’ve not been wasting this down time however. I’ve been planning and coming up with ideas for content for the site as well as the adventure game. There will be more on this in the next couple of weeks. So keep your eyes peeled!

This weekend though I am planning on uploading some photos and such from the Eurogamer Expo and maybe some brief impressions on the stuff I manage to get my hands on. But that all depends on how good the Earls Court EasyHotel WiFi is! If I can’t get it working while I’m there I will throw a post up here ASAP with it all in.

That’s all for now