Lack of Updates

I’ve sort of left this place to gather dust mainly due to work related commitments meaning I do not currently need to chase work.

I do have a plan to make this place a bit more cohesive and focused at some point in the future.

Until then have a browse of my old University work and let me know what you think!

New Beginnings

So here we are. A bright and shiny new site ready and willing for me to do whatever I want with it! I’m no longer held down by the limits imposed on me by the old site and I have a lot of plans to utilise the new found freedom this site brings. I can go in any direction I want. The world of blogging is once again open to me! Also my life is back to semi-normality so I can finally get back to my regularly scheduled posts. Huzza!

So without further ado here’s this week’s schedule:

  • Monday: Adventure Game Update (it has been far to long!)
  • Wednesday: Link Storm (I haven’t done one of these in ages!)
  • Friday: Friday Post (either my long awaited write up on Catherine or a post about Gamer culture and how it is perceived. I haven’t decided yet)

I’m also going to try and throw at least one or two new episodes of my God of War Ghost of Sparta Let’s Play which I am really getting into making. I’m also toying around with recording a couple more things with my Game Capture HD this week if I have time. We will see how things go.

In other news you may have noticed a couple of links appear to the right of the site. One if you know me or have followed me around online for a bit will be familiar, The Nerd Is The Word (which due to reasons outside of my control is currently down/not working as it should) is back and I’m trying to add more regular posts to that particular tumblr. The other The Play Vault is not so familiar. The Play Vault is a small gaming site that I’ve joined as a writer. I will be publishing one or two posts there a week and depending on how things go, getting involved with the site’s community and other writers.

You can see my first post for The Play Vault by heading here.

I’ve joined The Play Vault for multiple reasons, the main ones being:

  • It is something to keep me occupied while I’m looking for full time work.
  • It gets me started on a possible side job/career as a games journalist (don’t worry! Game design is still my main focus and dream!)
  • It can add to and help with my game design skills
  • I get to talk about games!

So from time to time do not be surprised if I link to articles from there.

So yeah that’s it for now expect new posts and content heading you way later on today and this week!

Greetings stranger….whatch’ya buy’n?

Hi there!

If you’re not familar with me, my name is Callum Langstroth and I am a recently graduated and budding young (25 is young right?) Game Designer. This little place is eventually going to be the home for my game design portfolio and gaming blog, which you can currently find by heading to

Over the next couple of weeks I will slowly be moving all the content from my original site to  this one and after that I will begin posting all my updates and content here. So for now enjoy the slow trickle of my backlog of portfolio work and blog posts about anything and everything gaming related!