Coming this week

I’m determined to get back into the swing of things this week! So expect the following at some point over the next seven days:

  • A new part to Let’s Play God of War Ghost of Sparta!
  • Halo 4 stuff (gameplay impressions, videos, unboxing etc.)
  • A blog post of some sort.

Schedule Update

First things first apologies for the lack of a Friday Post this week. I had planned to write about Catherine which I am currently playing but I want to finish it first before writing about it in detail. So that should hopefully be the coming week’s Friday Post.

So the plan for this week is as follows:

  • Monday – New Conversations About Games!
  • Wednesday – Link Storm!
  • Friday – Friday Post!
  • Saturday – I GET MARRIED!

To sum up my thoughts towards Catherine so far: It is a unique game that could only be made in Japan. It is deep, thought provoking and has a lot of subtext. So yay for people making games for grown ups! If you haven’t played it, go play it, it is worth your time.

Schedule Update

First things first! I have decided on a day to do these schedule posts and that day is today, Sunday!

This week I should be getting the internet all setup and working in my new place so I will be able to post things from the middle of the week onwards. So here’s the plan for content for the next seven days:

  • Monday – Adventure Game Post [Cancelled] (I’m moving car loads of stuff around this weekend and bank holiday Monday so the adventure game is going to have to skip a post)
  • Wednesday – Weekly Link Storm (haven’t done one in a while but I’m sure I can find some interesting things to share with you)
  • Friday – Friday Post (still need to decide on what to write about but it should happen)

Finally here’s a blast from the past that I found in an old comic book the other day:

Man the Mario Bros. movie sure was a terrible piece of cinema and it began the longstanding trend of terrible game to movie adaptations!

Schedule Update

I’m going to try and post one or two things over the next week but (and it is a BIG but) I am moving and will not actually have what I term as “proper” Internet access until well into next week.

Like I said the next couple of week are going to be all over the place!

Anyway here’s a lovely Lupin image to tide you over:

I’m Not Dead Yet!

Things have been very quiet around here the past couple of weeks. I could go into a long breakdown as to why I haven’t posted anything of note recently but that would be me making excuses. All you need to know is that Wedding Preparation, Job Hunting and moving again are taking up a lot of my time. So keeping this place and other online things going has fallen by the wayside a bit. But I have come up with a plan which is what I will share with you.

The reason I started this blog was to track my Uni Projects in my final year. It quickly grew from that to being my main portfolio website and a place for me to talk about game design, gaming and the games industry in general. At the moment though there are constant shifts happening in how much of a particular type of content is being featured on this site. Currently there is a lot of general gaming posts (mainly link posts) and not much else. The main purpose of this place is to promote brand me, my thoughts and ideas about game design & gaming and in the past couple of months I haven’t really being doing that. So I have decided to structure the site, the output of content a bit more and how it is produced. I have even come up with a schedule for the site on a two week rotation.

Not much for now but the plan is to add something for either Saturday or Sunday and more weeks to the rotation of content further down the line. Bare in mind though this is a plan for what should come out in a given week. It is not a guarantee that all content will be posted in a week. This is because my life is literally all over the place at the moment. I am constantly on the road between places sorting stuff out and doing things. I will post an update post on the Monday if some content will be missed in a week so you know what the situation is. I will also be sitting down at some point to write out a bunch of short posts that can and will be used to fill in the gaps when I miss posts or can’t do them. I have not really decided on what these posts will be about but they will be interesting and will fit in with the rest of the output of the site. Fair warning though there won’t be much for the next couple of week because of my wedding and honeymoon. 

All posts will be published between 5-6pm GMT/British Standard Time.