The following is a work of fiction….


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The scene: two people are arguing in a crummy loft apartment. One dressed all in black with a giant green X painted on his face. The other dressed in black with PlayStation logo painted on his face.

“My console has more graphics than your console and therefore it is better.”

“No my console is better-er because of the graphics and the cloud!!!!”

*BOOM! An arrogant PC gamer bursts in through the skylight with a huge PC tower strapped to his back*

“You all suck balls! I am PC! I have the bestest graphics of them all if you are willing to spend a fortune and constantly worry about game/hardware specs for the rest of your life!”

The arguement escalates and a huge fight ensues. Disks being used as throwing stars. Controllers as small, oddly shaped clubs. Etc.

Outside a mother walks by handing her iPad over to her overweight four year old.

“The password is: IamStupid don’t spend too much on virtual bird bucks.”

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Heading to Rezzed

Driving down to Brighton this afternoon in order to attend the second day of Rezzed at the Brighton Centre!

So expect pics and my impressions on the games I get to play at some point in the next week!

I will be armed with my business cards to hand out to people if we get chatting. My plan for the day is part getting to play new games and part finding inspiration for my own game designs from wants on offer in the indie area. Also…..FREEBIES!!!!!!

Diablo III!

Just so you don’t all think that I’m dead I figured I would share what I have been up to. I have been spending the past few days since I finished and wrapped up all my uni work detoxing. By going to Legoland and playing Diablo III!

This is my Wizard in Diablo III it’s my main character that I am currently doing my solo run with. I have a Female Barb for random multiplayer and a Female Demon Hunter for my co-op run with a friend.

Overall I am loving Diablo III it improves on its predecessor in every way.

I’m planning on doing a big design focused post after I have finished my Normal Mode playthrough (which will hopefully be sometime next week) so stay tuned!

A Quick Note

It’s gonna be quiet around here for the next week or so for two reasons:

  1. Diablo III
  2. I’m going away for a few days (My fiancé is taking me to LEGOLAND!!!!!)

Yes my life is awesome! 😀

But I will endever to post a couple of things if I can while I’m out and about.

Kickstarter – Grim Dawn

Link: Kickstarter – Grim Dawn

I don’t back many Kickstarter games for the simple fact that I don’t have the money to fund every game that is popping up on there every day.

But Grim Dawn is worth it because it is a new hack’n’slash Action RPG from a few of the people behind the modern classic Titan Quest. As a big fan of both TQ and ARPGs seeing this “spiritual successor” set in a victorian like world has me excited in that “Shut up and take my money!” kind of way.

Go check it out and back it if you wish!