Conversations About Games Episode 2 – Max Payne 2 and Titan Quest

In this gripping instalment I talk about Max Payne 2 & 3, Titan Quest, Grim Dawn and of course, Diablo III.

The quality of the video is choppy at best for a few reasons. Mainly because I decided to use something else apart form iMovie to make it. This is because there is a huge bug in iMovie that causes the sound to go majorly out of sync with the picture on any videos you put in a project. So this lead me to stupidly try Windows Movie Maker (never again!) which ended up being the source of the crummy webcam footage you see before you. I finally moved onto Adobe Premiere and with some coaching from my fiancé I managed to put the horrible mess of a video together.

To top it all of after I finished putting it altogether and uploaded it I was watching a video in QuickTime and realised I could record in HD from my iSight camera in QT with no problems at all! Why non of the sights I was look at for good programs to record webcam footage mentioned QuitTime is beyond me!

Anyway it is what it is. Future videos will be a lot better put together!

Extra Credits – Crowdfunding

Link: Extra Credits – Crowdfunding

Everyone should watch this week’s ExtraCredits! It is all about the Crowdfunding model that gaming’s newest buzz, Kickstarter employs.

It gives both the good points and some of the negatives but overall it shows how it can be used in the future to enable the players to buy and play the games they want to on their terms. The video also details the more traditional methods of funding for games for added clarity.

I’m taking a big interest in games being funded via Kickstarter and I have planed post about my thoughts on it all, the good and bad points and my do’s and don’ts that I’m set to do after I have all this Uni work out of the way.
So keep your eyes peeled!

Kickstarter – Grim Dawn

Link: Kickstarter – Grim Dawn

I don’t back many Kickstarter games for the simple fact that I don’t have the money to fund every game that is popping up on there every day.

But Grim Dawn is worth it because it is a new hack’n’slash Action RPG from a few of the people behind the modern classic Titan Quest. As a big fan of both TQ and ARPGs seeing this “spiritual successor” set in a victorian like world has me excited in that “Shut up and take my money!” kind of way.

Go check it out and back it if you wish!