A Change of Plans…..again

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

So the “small” choose your own adventure idea I have been working on has turned into a big unwieldily mess of a thing. I did not anticipate the amount of time and thought that would go into even putting together a small prototype version of the concept. It is one of those ideas that you get more and more frustrated with the longer you work on it. So for now I am placing it on the back burner to put some distance between me and it. (I refer to it as a living thing now because I hate so!) Hopefully a few weeks or months not thinking about it will allow me to come back to it with a fresh perspective. In the meantime I am thinking of putting together a more traditional choose your own adventure book with a few added embellishments to make it interesting. It is squarely an idea that is floating around in the cloud at the moment but we will see.

So what am I to do now?

  • The Adventure Game idea has been pushed back because the idea has grown considerably (it is something I keep adding stuff to regularly)
  • FTDiesALot is slowly growing but that is more of a hobby than work at this point.
  • Other things like The Comic Book Reader  and my gaming efforts on Twitch are slowly growing in popularity too
  • Looking for a job is also still on the agenda as I keep sending out email after email and CVs to pretty much any developer that will take a look at them. A tad soul destroying with the lack of replies but it is one of those things I have to keep moving otherwise I am not going to find work anytime soon!

So what about a game design project to keep things moving for pretty much everything I do?


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Game Design Presentation – Project Superman Pitch

This is the first presentation I did for my Honours Project in my final year of University. It is a short Pitch Presentation for my Superman game idea. So while it is not as in depth as my other presentations it covers the reasoning behind the game, the key areas of interest and key mechanics.

Project Superman is one of my favourite pieces of work because I had a blast putting it together and trying to make Superman work in a video game setting. I like to think I solved some of the problems but I will leave final judgement up to you!

I will also be eventually turning the other documents and presentations made for this particular game design into videos in the near future!

As ever you can see the full portfolio entry by heading here! (There is a lot more to this particular game design and the project as a whole trust me!)

A small-ish game idea


My newer more relaxed approach to dealing with this place is working for me I think. I am no longer chained to having to think of something to write week in week out freeing me up to look for a job and work on my own game designs. All my usual gaming stuff is now on YouTube via FTDiesALot and this place has gone back to being about game design and in particular my designs. If you miss my regular writing then check out my comic book blog that is frequently updated!

The adventure game is still on track, I just haven’t done any updates because I am still in the planning it out on paper stage. Also my current plan is to sit down and teach myself Unity to make the game with but before I do that I want to do something else. To stretch my legs a bit.

A different take on the choose your own adventure genre.

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Game Idea – BRPG

I seem to be on a Japanese game kick at the moment and that means I am playing and looking at a lot of JRPGs. I’ve talked about my thoughts on the state of the Japanese games industry in the past and as a whole the JRPG is a genre that is close to my heart. Simply because I have played a lot of them. I grew up in the 90s with a SNES, Mega Drive, PSone and N64 so JRPGs ended up being around a 1/4 of all the games I played back then. I’ve seen the genre slowly grow and develop over the years to the point it is at currently. One of stagnation with Final Fantasy being the only franchise that is actively attempting to evolve the JRPG with each release. The rest just seem to, for the most part, be riding on the coat tales of past successes.

So while I have been attempting playing through Final Fantasy XIII again recently I starting mulling things over and I sort of stumbled across an idea:

Why not take all those tropes, mechanics and systems that everybody loves in Japanese Role Playing Games and apply them to a more Western Design. In particular a British aesthetic. A British Role Playing Game.

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