There is a reason for the lack of posts…

I have decided to leave posting anything until after the Eurogamer Expo when my schedule for the foreseeable future is wide open and free for me to concentrate on this site and getting a job!

I’ve not been wasting this down time however. I’ve been planning and coming up with ideas for content for the site as well as the adventure game. There will be more on this in the next couple of weeks. So keep your eyes peeled!

This weekend though I am planning on uploading some photos and such from the Eurogamer Expo and maybe some brief impressions on the stuff I manage to get my hands on. But that all depends on how good the Earls Court EasyHotel WiFi is! If I can’t get it working while I’m there I will throw a post up here ASAP with it all in.

That’s all for now

Eurogamer Baldur’s Gate Retrospective

Link: Eurogamer Baldur’s Gate Retrospective

You will be seeing a fair few look backs at the Baldur’s Gate games as we approach the impending Steam release of the second game and this teasing website that promises future forays (or at least an update/remake of the first game) into the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons. The two main Baldur’s Gate games made by BioWare are an important part of video game history, for me at least and Paul Dean who has written the Eurogamer article this post links to seems to agree with me on this too. 

There were the first games I came across where the world seemed to be an actual living breathing place. There was adventure and intrigue around every turn and no matter how long it took or how many quests you battled your way through it never got old. The brilliantly written companion characters kept things fresh and the attention to detail put into the games is still amazing by today’s standards. The you had the D&D rules of the time implemented in to some surprisingly solid game mechanics that have left their mark on RPG design ever since. The EG article is worth a read for a nostalgic look back and as an introduction to people who have never heard of the franchise. Baldur’s Gate is the blueprint for what BioWare has continued to do with every game they have made since. From continuing save files across multiple games to providing rich characters in detailed worlds with the majority of the number crunching common to RPGs hidden under the hood of the game quietly rolling dice in the shadows for you. Baldur’s was the starting point for all these ideas and they are two games worth playing no matter how old they are.

As for the teaser website that popped up this week? While a new game would be great, I feel that its magic might be lost among the methodology of modern RPG design. It will be a good game for sure but it just wouldn’t be the same. So I find myself rooting for a HD remake of the first game or both games updated and released as a single epic. Not just on PC mind because a game like Baldur’s Gate would work brilliantly on the iPad and maybe usher in an era of fully-fledged isometric RPGs for the device.

All I’m going to say is that the website was discovered this week and on the 7th March Apple are unveiling their fancy new iPad 3 and now that Steve Jobs is sadly no longer with us, Apple can concentrate of the games market a bit more aggressively if they wish. They need a game apart from Infinity Blade that shows the iOS as a valid gaming platform rather than a heaven for casual games and games “inspired” by popular core console titles, and Baldur’s might just be the game to do it.

Go check out the article and remember fondly the days of yore!

Why Can’t Games Do Sex?

Link: Why Can’t Games Do Sex?

It seems I’m finding all kinds of interesting video game related reading today!

Eurogamer has an interesting look on the subject of sex in games. From the more overt in your face pornographic flash and MMO games available online to the subject of sex in mainstream games, with The Witcher, GTA: San Andreas and Mass Effect being named checked. The Witcher for having the nudity edited out for its American release, GTA:SA for the whole Hot Coffee scandal and Mass Effect for that whole Fox News completely lying about the game on a national news segment in the states. It seems America really doesn’t like sex despite selling it in every form of media produced over there!

It is more of a summary of the subject of sex in games and doesn’t really come to any definitive conclusions but it is worth a look to see how it has been dealt with over the past decade or so. More of an introduction to the topic but fun and interesting reading.