Diablo III & Subtly Deep Customisation

So I was working on a really big post about Diablo III that was part review, part analysis. I got about half the way through then life got in the way and time passed. All that I was going to say about Diablo III in a review sense has been said already by other people on sites that more people visit. So I kind of threw everything out of the window for the post but there is one thing I wanted to share with you all. Diablo III’s customisation options.

It was something I noticed in reviews and when people have been chatting about the game in general. There is a view that the game has less in the way of customisation than Blizzard’s other games, the most notable comparisons being made rightly or wrongly with WoW. I disagree with this limited view of the game’s customisation options and took it upon myself to try and explain its depth from a game design point of view. So here we go!

[Warning there will be flowcharts!]

(go here for the big version)

This is what most people see when looking at Diablo III and the range of choices the player can make. The surface level choices. One slot for everything and a limited number of options. Fair enough the game is designed to present this surface layer prominently but there is actually a lot of choices present within this seemingly limited range of options.

(go here for the big version)

The level of choice available is immense, not just with the abilities and runes system in the game that has a countless number of possible combinations for the player. You also have gems, dyes and a lot of weapon choices. Unlike most RPGs you are not necessarily locked into using one or two types of weapons. My Wizard can just as easily rock a mace and shield as he can a wand and power source. The option is there and it empowers the player. 

I’m always a fan of customisation in games and always keep an eye for it in any shape or form it comes in. So what if can’t change the facial features of my character? The choices available to me have both cosmetic appeal with the dyes and can effect my gameplay in a large variety of ways. Weapons and Armour change my stats, usually for the better, and the skills and abilities. Well they just about let me play the game how I want with the minimum of fuss and if I want to change something there is NO penalty for doing so. That is deep customisation and the best thing you can do with it is hide it under a simple surface layer. To the point where your average player takes advantage of it with realising it. 

Having click happy addictive gameplay helps too!

Diablo III!

Just so you don’t all think that I’m dead I figured I would share what I have been up to. I have been spending the past few days since I finished and wrapped up all my uni work detoxing. By going to Legoland and playing Diablo III!

This is my Wizard in Diablo III it’s my main character that I am currently doing my solo run with. I have a Female Barb for random multiplayer and a Female Demon Hunter for my co-op run with a friend.

Overall I am loving Diablo III it improves on its predecessor in every way.

I’m planning on doing a big design focused post after I have finished my Normal Mode playthrough (which will hopefully be sometime next week) so stay tuned!

A Quick Note

It’s gonna be quiet around here for the next week or so for two reasons:

  1. Diablo III
  2. I’m going away for a few days (My fiancé is taking me to LEGOLAND!!!!!)

Yes my life is awesome! 😀

But I will endever to post a couple of things if I can while I’m out and about.

Conversations About Games Episode 2 – Max Payne 2 and Titan Quest

In this gripping instalment I talk about Max Payne 2 & 3, Titan Quest, Grim Dawn and of course, Diablo III.

The quality of the video is choppy at best for a few reasons. Mainly because I decided to use something else apart form iMovie to make it. This is because there is a huge bug in iMovie that causes the sound to go majorly out of sync with the picture on any videos you put in a project. So this lead me to stupidly try Windows Movie Maker (never again!) which ended up being the source of the crummy webcam footage you see before you. I finally moved onto Adobe Premiere and with some coaching from my fiancé I managed to put the horrible mess of a video together.

To top it all of after I finished putting it altogether and uploaded it I was watching a video in QuickTime and realised I could record in HD from my iSight camera in QT with no problems at all! Why non of the sights I was look at for good programs to record webcam footage mentioned QuitTime is beyond me!

Anyway it is what it is. Future videos will be a lot better put together!