Uni Year 3

Here are previews and links to all portfolio posts to do with my second year’s worth of university work. Click on the image or text link to see the full details for each project/assignment along with links to download the project files and presentations. Unlike the previous two years the third year was all about two larger projects that involved several pieces of work that contributed to the final grade. So please, please, please! Take the time to explore each post fully for all of their content.

In particular check out the further research I ended up doing for the Franchise Development module. Both the Top 40 New IPs and Core Female Gamer research was made and compiled by me simply because no one else had done it! Therefore I am very proud of both pieces of research.

As ever each post contains my account of its creation along with some reflection on the project.

Franchise Development: Market Research

My game design work for my final year was divided into two distinct modules. My honours project which took up the bulk of the work and the Franchise Development module. Franchise Development was all about coming up with a new IP that would be a multi game franchise during the module we would be creating documentation to reflect the game in a few stages in its lifespan as a franchise. The first part being market research.

Being a fan of the research process I jumped on the opportunity of doing an in-depth report on the current market. So I set off on my research journey looking for as much data as possible to do with the most popular franchises in gaming, what games people like to play and the most popular new franchise.

Franchise Development: IP Statement

The actual IP idea for this module came together fairly quickly. This is because the basics of it are something I had been sitting on for a long time, so all that was required was to make a few tweaks and changes to fit my target market and then I could just run with it. The sci-fi/fantasy mix has been done before but I think I managed to find a unique spin on things.

Franchise Development: Franchise Development Documentation

This final document for the Franchise Development module was an interesting task. We had to work on it from the point of view that the first game in the franchise had been a success and now we were coming up with a plan to take the IP further and beyond.

Honours Project

UPDATE: Pitch Presentation video added!

I toyed with presenting my Honours Project across several portfolio posts like the Franchise Development work……but…….My honours project is strongest when you can see it all in one go. It helps sell the idea behind it all to you. Here I have linked to all the documentation that was submitted for the honours project so get stuck in and tell me what you think. I have also put a link to the Master Post which also has links to all relevant blog posts regarding the honours project.

Portfolio Pages:

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