Uni Year 2

Here are previews and links to all portfolio posts to do with my second year’s worth of university work. Click on the image or text link to see the full details for each project/assignment along with links to download the project files and presentations. There is a lot more to my Year 2 projects than my Year 1 work. So I implore you to click onto the full posts for the projects to see all of the documentation and extras I have come up with for each assignment.

Each post contains my account of its creation along with some reflection on the project.

School For Superheroes

Game Design-wise I wanted to kick my second year off with a bang! One of our first assignments was to come up with a few mind maps from a selection of key words. One of the mind maps ended up being a good starting point for an idea:

Taking the mind map as a starting point I came up with the idea of School For Superheroes then everything started falling into place. It also scratched what would be my yearly superhero based design itch. (I’m a really big comic book fan, I can’t help it!) Out of all the designs I came up with during the three years of my degree this is in my top three.

Behavioural Game Design

This assignment was a nice change of pace that caused me to reflect on many of the more questionable elements of game design. Starting with the linked Source Article from Cracked.com we had to explore the links presented in the article, then summarise them before drawing our own conclusions on these areas of game design.

Level Design Research

Another short research assignment, this time about the fundamentals of level design. After finding a good starting point via a Gamasutra article I summarised the key points and added a few extra bits of detail. Not the best research document, in both form and content, I have ever done but it was still helpful.

Design the GDD

These are the results of a series of assignments that where all about looking at specific areas of a GDD that the majority of people had been overlooking. This was done by looking at examples of existing GDDs for inspiration and then reverse designing a couple of games to make our versions of the given sections of a GDD for that game. It sounds like it could be a bit boring but it was actually really good fun.

Level Design Example and Implementation

The series of assignments was the culmination of my year’s worth of work learning how to use and make games in UDK. To begin with we had to come up with a basic level design using some of the concepts we had previously learnt. The next step was to implement it in UDK while added a few extra flourishes to show we had learnt further aspects of UDK outside of the tutorials we had been going through.


This was my big final project for year 2. What is interesting about it is that it was about designing a game for the PlayStation Vita. Except at the time information about the Vita was still thin on the ground. It was still called the NGP (Next Generation Portable) at the time of the assignment! So that should hopefully give you an idea as to how much information I had at my fingertips. So if you are reading the research document you might notice a few points of incorrect information or omissions about the Vita’s functionality/specs.

Portfolio Pages:

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