Uni Year 1

Here are previews and links to all portfolio posts to do with my first year’s worth of university work. Click on the image or text link to see the full details for each project/assignment along with links to download the project files and presentations.

Each post contains my account of its creation along with some reflection on the project.

Game Mechanics

This was one of my earliest assignments. The second ever if I recall! Looking through it now it is clear to see the flaws of the design and the presentation. The brief was to stick to a strict set of rules for the game, defined by the need to use units to determine speed/distance.

Isometric Project

This was an interesting project to do but the end result of it was disappointing for me. The assignment was an introduction into using isometrics to show game design ideas. This naturally lead to everyone designing an isometric game. I ended up coming up with a wholly un-original Diablo clone. Not my finest work!

Non-Conflict Game

This was one of the most interesting assignments from the first year of my course. It was a group assignment with each of the five of us (at the time) taking a different aspect of the design and running with it. Being classed as the “best” artist of the group (thankfully this isn’t an art focused course!) I was tasked with coming up with the character designs for our take on a non-conflict game.

Fairytale Game

UPDATE: Video of final presentation added!

This was my first major project of my first year. The brief was to pick two well known fairlytales and research them. From there we would pick one to develop into a game design. In the selection process I was left with Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella. I immediately thought Hansel and Gretel would make a better game but during the research process I found loads of stuff about the Cinderella story that was ripe for turning into a game.

Agent of SPI

Out of all my Year 1 work this is the design I am least happy with. Fair enough it had a fairly short turn around but I just didn’t put my all into it. I did get some good stuff out of it despite this though (every cloud and all that!). The brief was to come up with a small and simple game that could be played in bursts of 5-10mins. I came up with a Facebook game that was a mini-game collection with a leaderboards to keep people coming back.

Book IP

UPDATE: Video of presentation added!

This was the last game design project before my big end of year project for the first year. The brief was to take an IP from a book or series of books and adapt it into a video game. I managed to convince my tutor to let me use Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s long running and often delayed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Which is a comic book made up of multiple mini series and graphic novels.

End of Year Project

This was the final and biggest project for my first year and introduced me to creating full (or in this case, as close as possible to) game design documents for the first time. We were given pretty much free reign to do what we wanted. So I went down the route of designing an action RPG with a co-op focus that was styled like a classic 60s-70s sci-fi pulp.

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