Current Role

  • Internal Tester: SCEE London Studio 2014 – Current

Past Roles

  • First Party Functional Games Tester: SCEE, 2013 – 2014


Personal Projects

Here you will find content and information relating to my current personal projects and games outside of my professional work. Go to Personal Projects

Miscellaneous Work

Here you will find stuff I have done outside of my own projects and University work. Go to Miscellaneous Work


All the work completed at my time at University broken up into three easy to digest sections for each year of study. Go to: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3


The ideas and game designs presented on this website are all my own, unless stated otherwise, and are owned and copyrighted by me. The use of and reproduction of images and materials in the various documents is done under Fair Usage and is used to help show my ideas and concepts rather than plagiarise.

All documents are presented in PDF format with some exceptions. My presentations come in both PDF and Keynote files as these were designed in Apple’s Keynote application and the various animations, video sections, etc cannot be included in PDFs. It is recommended if possible that you view the presentations in Keynote. Also for my level designs there are two filetypes used. The first are Google SketchUp files and the second are UDK levels. Versions of the software used to create the designs are listed on their respective posts. Both of these applications are available freely from Google and Epic Games respectively.

If you wish to use or reproduce any of the documents listed on these page or have any questions please contact me.

You can view all posts tagged under Portfolio by heading here.

Alternatively they are conveniently broken up into the following sub pages:

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