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  1. Hello Callum, I have recently graduated my second year of my degree in interactive game design, although I have never created a website I am almost finished on my portfolio website, the reason I am here on your portfolio page is that I am interested in the standard of video game designers when applying for the video game industry, I noticed in your videos you mention that you are a university student, I am very interested in your status as an aspiring video game designer and (as you seem like you know what your doing) I would love if you could describe to me your work ethic and the challenges you set yourself/face as a game designer). I am currently finishing off my portfolio website and I would love for you to describe to me your take on what’s important in building a internet footprint as you have done. If you have any advice or experience to throw my way, it would be greatly appreciated, I am an admirer of your dedication and would love your input into what makes an aspiring game designer more valuable to potential employers.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    (Btw, I noticed that you made a Halo Reach map and managed to implement it into the game itself, before I started my course 2 years ago I was completely new to the industry despite my passion for it, how did you create said map and also how would I go about creating assets/maps etc, for pre existing games and implementing them into the game itself? I am very impressed with what I have seen from your portfolio/channel and would love to hear your experiences/impressions about trying to make a career in this industry.

    Sincerely Paul Constantinou

    (someone who aims to present himself as you do)

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment!

      I am currently working as an Internal Tester for Sony London Studio while trying to continue with my design work on the side. So thank you for reminding me that I need to go through and update tags and notes on my videos!

      As for general advice for your portfolio, the first thing is to not keep your cards too close to your chest. Many people say they have amazing ideas for game but when you ask what they are they clam up and say that you would just steal the idea. Share those ideas openly and freely and if someone does steal it shout it from the rooftops and show that you had the original idea. Similarly to this, don’t just sit on a concept or game design. Get it out of your head and turn it into documentation, a prototype or the whole game itself. There are lots of game development tools out there you can freely use and tinker around with take a look at things like Unity and Unreal 4 and make some things in them if you can.

      For getting into the industry I would say perseverance and sacrifice is the key. I am still working hard on obtaining that elusive paid Game Designer role. Before I ended up in my current job I had to do a lot of job hunting. I also spent the better part of a year working away from my wife and home because I needed that valuable low level industry experience before getting a better job closer to home. It was tough but I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t take that leap.

      As for making Halo maps each Halo game includes a mode called Forge where you can create custom structures on maps in the game. In Halo: Reach and Halo 4 they have larger maps made specifically with Forge Mode in mind. It is a great tool to mess around with and you have to set your map up for each of the game’s multiplayer modes which is a great learning tool for map balancing.

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