Tabletop: Update!

Draughts Logo

I figured I should start posting more about my tabletop and board gaming adventures now that they are becoming a more regular thing. This first post will be a bit of an info dump but in future expect a steady trickle of board game and pen & paper based delights.

So here we go!

First thing is that I went to Draughts over the weekend and really enjoyed myself. Draughts is London’s premiere Board Game Cafe and is really worth checking out. They have a ridiculous amount of games on offer and the setup is elegantly simple. You pay £5 and you can stay and play as many games as you want. Food and drink are on offer too (at fairly reasonable prices for London) and the whole place has a professional feel to it that other Board Game Cafes seem to lack.

King of New York at Draughts

While we were there we played and enjoyed:

The staff a Draughts were also really helpful, eagerly offering up advice and recommendations. They even teach and run games for your table if you want to jump right into something.

If your interested go check out their site,! I will be heading back there soon for another afternoon of fun!

I also picked up a copy of Cyclades today! Here is a pic from around halfway through the unboxing and organising process 🙂

Cyclades Unboxing

It is a game set in Mythological Greece that is all about area control and development with the twist being that players bid on gaining the favour of a given Greek God to do certain actions. I am really looking forward to playing it mainly because it is a game with lots and lots of miniatures and who doesn’t like miniatures! The box proudly proclaims that there are 95 minis in the box and it doesn’t disappoint. Each player colour has their own individual look and feel which is a great addition that a lot of games overlook. There is also a menagerie of mythological beasts included with everything and they are beautiful!

Cyclades Monster Minis

Board Gaming website, Shut Up & Sit Down’s recent review of one of the game’s expansions, Titan, pushed me over the edge into buying it:

In addition to all of this and not being the sort of person who believes in over stretching themselves I have started up a tabletop group in my local area which if you live in or around Bishop’s Stortford you can checkout here.

We’ve had a couple of sessions already and we have played good range of games which I will delve into at some point in the future!


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