Making the Switch to Digital


After what has been just about the worst customer experience possible with GameStop UK with my Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector’s Edition that arrived both late and heavily damaged. (Something that I am still trying to sort out!) I have decided to make a drastic change in my game buying habits.

I have been burned by traditional retail and online ordering too many times. My life is becoming increasingly busy and I am running out of space for all the crap I buy in a given month. So I am making the transition to buying the majority of my games digitally. If you are a PC gamer this will be old hat to you but for me it will be a big change to how I obtain and play my games. It mainly means I won’t have to bother relying on the long chain of people needed to get the games I want to me on time. I made the move with comic books a few years ago and never looked back so I am counting on having a similar experience with digital games.


It should also save me quite a bit of money too despite digital copies of console games often being sold at full RRP. (Currently a ridiculously overpriced £45-£65 in the UK!) This is because I am one of those poor saps who likes to buy himself overpriced collector’s editions with statuettes, steel book cases, little knick knacks, and “exclusive” DLC. That means my usual game purchases tend to be on the expensive side. So if a up to £20 difference means forgoing a special costume for my character in a game I am going to go for the digital option. Then save more money by going for the most basic digital edition of the game possible unless there are bundle deals for things like season passes or sizeable pieces of extra content.

I will still buy physical games occasionally but that will only happen if it matches two criteria:

  1. It is on offer or going for cheap.
  2. It is a game I would be happy to trade in at some point in the future.


Games that I know I will be keeping for the life of a console (the majority first party titles and really good third party titles) will all be purchased digitally from now on. The games I buy on a whim or because people have recommended them to me I will buy physical but only if the price is good. I am also going to try and stick to a complete two games before buying a new one in an attempt to keep my ever growing backlog in check. Finally all this should encourage me to take more advantage of things like Games with Gold on the Xbox One and the PS Plus Instant Game Collection across all my PlayStation devices. To help fill in those gaps between major purchases.

There will be no more waiting for a postman who never turns up.

No more disappointment with pre-order DLC and Collector’s items.

Just me playing games on my terms again with the minimal of fuss.

With more money in my pocket and a happy wife because he house won’t be full of “Callum’s gaming crap” anymore!


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