Filler Post: Daniel Cook: Game Design Theory I Wish I had Known When I Started

I figured for the weeks when I am too busy to write anything in depth or in the rare case that can’t think of anything to write. (Like that would ever happen!) I will throw up a short Filler Post.

This is one of those Filler Posts.

This brilliant video is a great overview of a lot of great game design principles that are very handy for whatever project you are working on. I also find that it is a good video to put on in the background when working because it usually helps me break down an idea or mechanic I have come up with using a method I have not considered.

Callum’s CV: The Game! – Update


Callum’s CV: The Game! is one of those long gestating ideas that I have been slowly tinkering with in the background for the past six months or so. I have managed to fill a notebook with everything I want to do in and with the game and I have only just really got to the point were I can really start putting things into practise.

Two things have been learned from this longer than planed planning phase:

  1. I need to get off my arse and do more game dev stuff outside of my work as a games tester. (Gotta build up that portfolio!)
  2. I really need to incorporate a method digitising the scribbles, notes and doodles I make in coming up with game concepts. Especially considering that a notebook crammed with game and game mechanic ideas decided to go walkabout earlier this year.

Still, I have managed to get everything back on track and I’m sure the missing notebook will resurface at some point, so here is the first “proper” update post for Callum’s CV: The Game!

This week’s update is all about creating the small but crammed with stuff (S.B.C.W.S is an “Official” game design term 😉 ) World Map for the game.


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Site Update!

Update Header

I’ve been a busy bee and have updated the following sections of the website:

So please go check them out and tell me what you think. Feedback both good and bad is welcome!

You might also have noticed that this place has a new look and layout. I do not know if I will keep things this way but I kind of like it. Certainly makes a change from the old look of the site!

Expect more updates and changes soon!