CV: THE GAME! update.

CaptureSo getting Callum’s CV: THE GAME! finished as my #1GAM for March has failed spectacularly! I started work on it part way through the month and I could have released something to meet the deadline but it would have been half a game. A mere shell of what I have planned for it. Also it being a game of my CV demands that it has a certain level of quality and wit to it and as it currently stands it still needs a fair bit of work.

So my current plan for April is to get CV:THE GAME finished in the next couple of weeks then get onto my task for April: learning Unity. So the plan is to put together a very quick and rough game for #1GAM April as part of my learning process for it. Then hopefully May will allow me to make a more robust game with it.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because I’ve added another tool to my game designer’s belt, articy:draft. Which is something I came across with my regular check of the software section on the Steam Store (seriously check it out there is some good stuff there and it is slowly growing in to a great selection of tools for indie/hobby devs). Intrigued I looked into it further and managed to grab a 30 day free trial from their website. It blew me away and is the perfect tool for more story based games like RPGs, Adventure Games, etc. It can also be easily tweaked for non-game projects to. It has a load of cool features and the whole flow of the program and how it links everything together is a godsend.

Map zoned

Suddenly all the daunting areas of an RPG/Adventure/Story-heavy GDD like: NPC lists, the script, dialogue trees, item databases, maps, level layouts,  the game walkthrough and more are all handled by one program that references and tracks everything. One that can export to a variety of formats for inclusion in the final game. Perfect! So for now I’ve grabbed a single user non-commercial license through Steam and the plan is to make a few things using it and hopefully one or two of those will be for profit then I will upgrade to the commercial license. The more robust multiuser license with server support so you can multiple people working on it at once is the cloud based dream but for now tinkering away with it on my own will do!  So yeah, check it out!


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