Mixing things up a bit and getting my Unity on!

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.52.39While I’m still quietly beavering away on CV: THE GAME! it has become clear that I am really falling behind on my One Game A Month games! So I have decided to switch things up a bit. The current plan is to run through some Unity tutorials in the next week and a bit, most notably this one, to master the basics. Then make two very quick and small games to get back on track with 1GAM and to learn a bit more about how Unity works.

I’ve dabbled in Unity a few times in the past with the intention of sitting down and getting to grips with it but I have always got distracted by other things like….comic books and….video games…. but this time I am determined because well, Unity is Unity! It is something I really need to learn in order to advance my career. Also to add an extra feather to my cap I am using C# as my code base rather than JavaScript which I sort of already know. There is lots of head scratching involved at the moment but like it was with Java it will click eventually! (I hope!)

So for now there will be very little on the update front while I get back on tack but after that I should be able to get back to regular updates and more robust projects!

Woop! Woop!


The first game I played that felt like more than a game


In another case of me stealing my own posts from the NowGamer Forums this time kerr9000 asked the question in the following thread,

What was the first game any of you played that felt like more than just a game, it felt like a whole world, a huge story, an actual quest or a living breathing society?

There is only one game I can to talk about when that question is asked. A game I hold near and dear to my heart. One that is intrinsically intertwined with my teenage years and going from childhood to young adulthood. A game that only people who played it can really understand the way I feel about it.

I’m going to have to talk about Phantasy Star Online….


It is a game that defines my teenage years and one of the few games that I have bought multiple times for different machines. Over the years my PSO journey spanned across:

  • Phantasy Star Online [Dreamcast]
  • Phantasy Star Online Ver.2 [Dreamcast]
  • Phantasy Star Online Episodes I&II [Gamecube]
  • Phantasy Star Online Episodes I&II [Xbox]
  • Phantasy Star Online Episode III [Gamecube]
  • Phantasy Star Online SCHTHACK Private Server [PC]

As you can probably guess I have put a lot of time into it as a game and that’s not including Phantasy Star Universe!

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CV: THE GAME! update.

CaptureSo getting Callum’s CV: THE GAME! finished as my #1GAM for March has failed spectacularly! I started work on it part way through the month and I could have released something to meet the deadline but it would have been half a game. A mere shell of what I have planned for it. Also it being a game of my CV demands that it has a certain level of quality and wit to it and as it currently stands it still needs a fair bit of work.

So my current plan for April is to get CV:THE GAME finished in the next couple of weeks then get onto my task for April: learning Unity. So the plan is to put together a very quick and rough game for #1GAM April as part of my learning process for it. Then hopefully May will allow me to make a more robust game with it.

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