Portalus Inferis Update – Crunch Mode Activate!

Working Hard or Hardly Working

This has been my life for the past couple of days chained to my tiny computer desk (we will be using a bigger one again when we move….I hope!) with multiple screens and windows on the go. Unseen in the above photo is the laptop behind me that is running various builds of the game to check for repeatable bugs and errors to help me narrow them down. So while it is gruelling work at times it is still enjoyable the 28th Feb deadline is only a couple of days away and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I can hit that day for launch if I just keep at it and that has me excited.

So while the rules for One Game A Month allow for a four day grace period to get your game out there and submitted to the site I am dead set on the 28th so that if the inevitable happens and I hit a set back I have plenty of time to deal with it. Part of hitting the 28th deadline is deciding on what needs to be done and dusted now and what can wait for a post launch update.

Here’s my checklist for things that need sorting by the 28th:

  • Classes/Characters need balancing
  • Items and shops need redoing
  • Monsters need sorting and put into the game in a balanced form (currently they are all over the place!)
  • Boss battle need re-doing/tweak to take into account stat, character and class changes (also one of them is particularly dull at the moment)
  • Testing and debugging. WOOOO!

Here’s my post launch or fit it in if I have time list:

  • More interactive objects need to be added to the game for flavour (books, signs, random rocks, etc.)
  • Full end game credits (planned credits are currently sitting in a text document for release)
  • Further character/class fine tuning
  • Make stuff look better!


I have already got a big chunk of the for launch list sorted or at least on the way to being sorted. My brain is slowly melting from compiling and constantly referring to various spreadsheets for stats, items, characters, classes, monsters, monster stats, monster locations, etc, etc, etc. My last major hurdle is getting all the monsters sorted. They are all in the game now but….they are all very sucky standard hit and hit back fights at the moment. So the last couple of days are doing to be dedicated to going over all their stats and adding various features and behaviours to them.

The end is indeed in sight I just have to keep going!


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