Simple RPG Update – We have a name and more!

TitleScreenWoop! After much head scratching and writing down lots and lots and lots of names, I have settled on the awesomely pretentious sounding, Portalus Inferis. Deciding on a name also allowed me to check a couple of things off my list of To Dos for this project:

– Sudo-pretentious Latin sounding name CHECK!
– Japanese subtitle to make it seem “authentic” CHECK! (Japanese text hopefully reads as “A Simple RPG” )
– Logo creation CHECK!
– Custom image importing CHECK!

When making the logo I half followed this wonderful tutorial by rgansta on the forums. Well worth checking out to get the basics and for experimentation. While making the logo and eventually deciding on a background I toyed around with several additions to the Portalus Inferis logo. Mainly a portal looking like object behind the text.

Portalus_Inferis_LogoThis was the rough version of it to see how it would fit with the background (a pre-packaged one included with RPG Maker VX Ace). In the end however I decided against it because the title screen was already starting to look a bit busy. So after some last minute tweaking I settled on the simple but elegant looking ( I hope!) logo below.

Portalus_Inferis_Logo2Photoshop is one of my weaknesses in the Adobe Creative Suite family of products so using it for creating the logo was an interesting experience. I can officially say I know more about how to use Photoshop than I did before but I still hate it for being an immensely fiddly and counter-intuitive program at times. Progress with Photoshop may be slow but the game itself is coming together at a brisk pace. My skills with RPG Maker have developed a thousandfold during production and I am now finding myself fighting the urge to go back to sections and areas created earlier in production and re-doing them from the ground up. There is currently a very clear split in the game in terms of overall quality as I had the moment of stuff clicking into place at the mid point of production.

I could go back and change things but I doubt I would get it all finished in time for the One Game A Month Deadline for February. Also I think it fits the organic approach to the game’s design. Like I keep saying this is something I am making to learn the ropes and some advanced techniques for RPG Maker VX Ace. It has a very thin story tying it altogether (although I have been working on some “emotional” sequences the past couple of days) that shifts tonally a lot. Some areas look very basic while others have a wealth of detail. While playing you can clearly see my journey from beginner to more advanced user. No design document, just me doing things on whims and when I feel like and you know what, it sort of works. For the game that it is at least. Small, imperfect, rough around the edges. It certainly has me excited for the time at some point in the future when I will be working from a full GDD when making a game in RPG Maker. It is such a robust program it constantly surprises.

Anyway I am going to chain myself to my desk until I get the game finished!

– Callum


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