Simple RPG Battle Preview

One last quick video before I shoot off to the states for a break!

In this video I show off the battle system for my simple RPG and in turn one of the boss battles that will be featured in the game. I also talk about the game in general and my learning process with RPG Maker VX Ace.


During the video I mention wanting to change the look of the battle system to make it more….appealing visually. Well this morning I’ve been doing some searching around and I have found the perfect script for the changes I wanted to make to the look of the battle system.

I am now using the brilliant Ace Battle System by Yanfly

So it has gone from looking like this:

Old Battle Screen


To this:

New Battle SystemCharacter pictures, more effects and damage indicators. All able to tweak and change at my whims. PERFECT! It also means I have checked off the add extra scripts to the game box of my check list for the game. The processing of the turns and the displaying of battle information is still a tad to fast for my tastes but hopefully I should be able to edit Yanfly’s script to slow things down a bit.

Apart from that battling works the same way as it did before it just looks a hell of a lot better!

Simple RPG Intro Video

Just to show that I am making progress teaching myself how to use RPG Maker VX Ace here is a video of the intro for short game I am making as part of the learning process. I’ve been working on it solidly for the past week and I’m starting to put it all together. The latest complete section is this short opening that gets the ball rolling.

Like I said it is meant to be a short and simple RPG, so the story isn’t up to much!

…..and neither are the characters……

Still I am loving it and it is great to be working on an actual game with actual development tools.

I’ll be putting up more videos soon and eventually releasing the full game for download. So keep your eyes peeled!

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A Change of Plans…..again

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

So the “small” choose your own adventure idea I have been working on has turned into a big unwieldily mess of a thing. I did not anticipate the amount of time and thought that would go into even putting together a small prototype version of the concept. It is one of those ideas that you get more and more frustrated with the longer you work on it. So for now I am placing it on the back burner to put some distance between me and it. (I refer to it as a living thing now because I hate so!) Hopefully a few weeks or months not thinking about it will allow me to come back to it with a fresh perspective. In the meantime I am thinking of putting together a more traditional choose your own adventure book with a few added embellishments to make it interesting. It is squarely an idea that is floating around in the cloud at the moment but we will see.

So what am I to do now?

  • The Adventure Game idea has been pushed back because the idea has grown considerably (it is something I keep adding stuff to regularly)
  • FTDiesALot is slowly growing but that is more of a hobby than work at this point.
  • Other things like The Comic Book Reader  and my gaming efforts on Twitch are slowly growing in popularity too
  • Looking for a job is also still on the agenda as I keep sending out email after email and CVs to pretty much any developer that will take a look at them. A tad soul destroying with the lack of replies but it is one of those things I have to keep moving otherwise I am not going to find work anytime soon!

So what about a game design project to keep things moving for pretty much everything I do?


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