Video Games Did Not Cause The Newtown Shooting


If the past couple of days is anything to go by I am in the minority in this point of view. Since the tragedy took place on the 14th there has been a surge in discussion about a multitude of things. Thankfully the main talking point at the moment is gun control and gun culture in the USA and how it lead to such a tragic event taking place. Sadly the other “key” talking point that always rears its head whenever something senseless like the Newtown shooting happens is that violent video games are behind it all. This leads to news pundits and outlets misreporting information and opinion about video games as fact and practically telling the more gullible of the world to sharpen their pitchforks.

I usually engage with the debate from the point of view of feeling like I need to educate those mislead or misinformed by such pieces of poor journalism. I point out that it is a complex issue and that for every study or person that claims games lead to violence there is an equal (if not greater) number of studies and people that claim it does not. That in cases such as the Newtown shooting multiple factors are always behind the cause and just because a video game was seen or mentioned does not mean that it is the reason a disturbed and pathetic individual took the lives of 26 fellow human beings. I try to point out the many positives of video games, even the violent ones and pretty much answer any and all questions from elderly relatives and friends who readily take on board the games leads to violence viewpoint because they just do not have any experience with them or the same level of understanding as me. This time around I even have the addition this article that helps show the lack of connection between games and shootings as an extra point in my favour.

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Game Design Presentation – Project Superman Pitch

This is the first presentation I did for my Honours Project in my final year of University. It is a short Pitch Presentation for my Superman game idea. So while it is not as in depth as my other presentations it covers the reasoning behind the game, the key areas of interest and key mechanics.

Project Superman is one of my favourite pieces of work because I had a blast putting it together and trying to make Superman work in a video game setting. I like to think I solved some of the problems but I will leave final judgement up to you!

I will also be eventually turning the other documents and presentations made for this particular game design into videos in the near future!

As ever you can see the full portfolio entry by heading here! (There is a lot more to this particular game design and the project as a whole trust me!)

A small-ish game idea


My newer more relaxed approach to dealing with this place is working for me I think. I am no longer chained to having to think of something to write week in week out freeing me up to look for a job and work on my own game designs. All my usual gaming stuff is now on YouTube via FTDiesALot and this place has gone back to being about game design and in particular my designs. If you miss my regular writing then check out my comic book blog that is frequently updated!

The adventure game is still on track, I just haven’t done any updates because I am still in the planning it out on paper stage. Also my current plan is to sit down and teach myself Unity to make the game with but before I do that I want to do something else. To stretch my legs a bit.

A different take on the choose your own adventure genre.

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