Game Design Presentation – League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This was the last game design project before my big end of year project for the first year. The brief was to take an IP from a book or series of books and adapt it into a video game. I managed to convince my tutor to let me use Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s long running and often delayed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Which is a comic book made up of multiple mini series and graphic novels.

I got a little bit of a kick out of coming up with this design because I know it is something that both Alan Moore and his diehard fans would hate!

I think this is certainly one of my strongest designs at the pitch level (minimum detail and just the core concepts) and I do think it is an idea with potential. It is just a shame that it is one of those game designs that will never see the light of day due to licensing rights, inevitable fan backlash and more.

You can see the full portfolio entry for this game design by heading here.

Game Design Presentation Videos – Cinderella

You remember how I said recently that I was going to rethink my content output for the site? Well this is one part of that.

For a long time, basically since I put my portfolio site together, I have wanted to add videos of the various presentations and documents I’ve put together over the years and show them off. Mainly as more content for my portfolio but also as an easier way to share my ideas, game design theory and to use them as a form of reflection on my past work. So expect a new one of these posts every week or so. With each post I will include the presentation video and a bit of background. I will also be adding the videos to updated versions of each design’s portfolio entry.

So let us kick things off with one of my first year project: Cinderella!

This was my first major project of the first year. The brief was to pick two well known fairlytales and research them. From there we would pick one to develop into a game design. In the selection process I was left with Hansel & Gretel and Cinderella. I immediately thought Hansel and Gretel would make a better game but during the research process I found loads of stuff about the Cinderella story that was ripe for turning into a game. This is what I came up with.

Overall I am happy with the idea it is just the execution that I am disappointed with. If I was to do it again I would actively work to make it less of a Zelda rip-off and more of a unique game. Still containing the exploration of different lands and the various versions of the Cinderella story presented in the game. Also as with many of these early designs I can see many bits I missed or just did not think to include. Still like I said, I think the core concept is very good.

You can see the full portfolio entry for this game design by heading here.

Conversations About Games Episode 6 – Halo 4!

This episode is all about Halo 4! My launch night shenanigans, including my now pending trip to visit 343 Industries! (yes you read that right). Then you have my thoughts on the game, gameplay of me and my friends Matt and Andrew playing Spartan Ops and much, much more. It is all there. All Halo. All the time!

If you have any questions and suggestions please feel free to put them in the comments below.

Halo 4 Limited Edition Unboxing

My unboxing of the Limited Edition of Halo 4!

Limited Edition Contents:

  •  Three War Games Map Packs
  •  Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition
  •  Early access to specialisations
  •  Unique in-game skins and emblem
  •  Cryotube avatar prop
  •  Spartan Armour avatar costume
  •  UNSC Briefing Packet: Welcome Notice, Armour Schematic, Mission Brief Pouch, Combat Deck Score Sheet, Secret Letter

If you have any questions and suggestions please feel free to put them in the comments below.

Coming this week

I’m determined to get back into the swing of things this week! So expect the following at some point over the next seven days:

  • A new part to Let’s Play God of War Ghost of Sparta!
  • Halo 4 stuff (gameplay impressions, videos, unboxing etc.)
  • A blog post of some sort.