Link Storm

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Sorry for the lateness of this week’s linkage but life stuff threw me for a loop¬†yesterday. Anyway here’s the past week’s worth of gaming awesome in a nice condensed form. It has been an odd week for me because the only things that have caught my interest have mainly been videos. So make a cup of tea and get comfy!

Apotheon – First Gameplay Video

This is the first I have seen of Apotheon but the art style and approach is amazing. It tickles my love for all things classical and made me wonder why nobody has done something like this before now. It looks like the final game will be a great mix of using everything possible to make the game stand out and being a reflection of the story and setting.

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This Week’s Schedule

I’m running behind on a few things this week and it has become clear that I’m not going to hit the deadline for Sony’s game pitch submission competition thing. Oh well!

However I am still going full steam ahead with the adventure game and my aim is to have the pitch document for it done, dusted and up on here for your viewing pleasure by the start of next week.

This week will be a bit bare bones but I will see what I can do to squeeze some more stuff in:

  • Today: Nothing ūüė¶
  • Wednesday: Link Storm
  • Friday: a blog post if I can fit it in

If you are missing my writing and are desperate to read more you can! Just head over to my shiny new comic book blog, The Comic Book Reader¬†and you can witness me ramble on about the comics I’m reading and the key issues facing the comics industry! Seeing as I’ve just started that particular site I am spending some time building it up which is one of the reasons things on here are a bit quiet this week.

I’m also aiming to get at least one more ¬†part of my God of War Let’s Play out this week so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Link Storm

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What’s that? You like links? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO???

Introducing your new PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store over on the PS3 has¬†received¬†a major facelift and despite some early teething problem sluggishness it is actually half decent and well…modern! There have been a lot of changes and tweaks along with a host of new functionality added to the digital store. Luckily the PlayStation Blog has all the details to avoid any major confusion.

Aesthetics of Play – Extra Credits

This week’s extra credits is well worth checking out if your a game designer or interested in game design theory. It basically lays out why we are applying genres to games incorrectly and what can be done to change it for the better. You should also check out the¬†MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research¬†paper that forms the basis of the episode. It is very illuminating reading.

Why Quick-Time Events Work 

Game Informer’s Kimberley Wallace argues why Quick-Time Events are a good thing and I’m inclined to agree with her. The reason why they get such a bad rap is because so many developers miss use them or oversaturate their games with them. They are a great narrative/mechanics tool when used correctly.

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My name is Callum Langstroth and I have a game buying problem…

The above image is of my stats from The Backloggery which I was introduced to at the start of the weekend and those numbers scare me. The Backloggery is a site were you enter all the details of all the games you own and then assign them the following criteria:

  • Unfinished
  • Beaten
  • Completed
  • Null
  • Mastered

You can also add an Unplayed tag to any unfinished game (represented by the green bar that overlaps the red unfinished bar). So after you have put in all the game details you can think of it compiles it all for you and presents you with your stats. The data I put in to came to the shocking results of 373 games owned with 268 games unfinished (with 164 unplayed!). The data came from the following:

  • All the physical boxed games I own, so that’s PS3, Xbox 360 and a few original Xbox games (I’ve not included PS2 and Dreamcast games because they’re currently in storage)
  • All digital Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network games. This includes the few full games I now have digitally thanks to things like PlayStation Plus
  • All my PS Vita games and downloads
  • All the games attached to my Steam Account

The only things I’ve left off are games I’ve previously owned that have either been sold or traded in for other games. All this took me most of the weekend, sifting through account histories and my various game collections but the results speak for themselves….

I am terrible at finishing games.

Also at starting them to a certain extent too!

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This Week’s Schedule

So at the end of last week things went a bit doolally. I had something planned for the friday post, something I felt was fairly topical but then halfway through writing it I realised it was absolute crap and that I had to start over. So I pretty much shelved the idea for another time. BUT! Something far more interesting fell into my lap but it would require time to setup and get ready to write about. So that’s basically what I ended up doing over the weekend when I wasn’t playing Borderlands 2 with the wife (we cleared the Fink’s Slaughterhouse despite continual glitching). As a result things have shifted around this week.

  • Today: Delayed Friday Post this afternoon/evening
  • Wednesday: Link Storm
  • Friday: Maybe another post but no promises

You should also see one or two more parts to my God of War Ghost of Sparta playthrough pop up too. I’m also planning on making a lot of headway on the adventure game so I can start getting the documentation sorted for the deadline at the end of the month. so I best get on with it all!