Anyone want to help? – XDev PlayStation Pioneers

Link: Anyone want to help? – XDev PlayStation Pioneers

So Sony have announced a new competition/initiative for game developers looking to work on Sony platforms. In this case the PlayStation Mobile platform that covers all portable Sony products including the PS Vita. See the link for more details.

If anyone is interested in working on a pitch for the deadline please get in contact with me ASAP! The first stage is to come up with a detailed concept with a plan of a prototype. I’m looking for an artist and a programmer. Also another budding game designer willing to share ideas and work with me would be awesome too!

You have to be a UK resident and preferably live in or near the London area so we can meet up. If you’re interested please feel free to send me a message.

There is a reason for the lack of posts…

I have decided to leave posting anything until after the Eurogamer Expo when my schedule for the foreseeable future is wide open and free for me to concentrate on this site and getting a job!

I’ve not been wasting this down time however. I’ve been planning and coming up with ideas for content for the site as well as the adventure game. There will be more on this in the next couple of weeks. So keep your eyes peeled!

This weekend though I am planning on uploading some photos and such from the Eurogamer Expo and maybe some brief impressions on the stuff I manage to get my hands on. But that all depends on how good the Earls Court EasyHotel WiFi is! If I can’t get it working while I’m there I will throw a post up here ASAP with it all in.

That’s all for now

Game Idea – BRPG

I seem to be on a Japanese game kick at the moment and that means I am playing and looking at a lot of JRPGs. I’ve talked about my thoughts on the state of the Japanese games industry in the past and as a whole the JRPG is a genre that is close to my heart. Simply because I have played a lot of them. I grew up in the 90s with a SNES, Mega Drive, PSone and N64 so JRPGs ended up being around a 1/4 of all the games I played back then. I’ve seen the genre slowly grow and develop over the years to the point it is at currently. One of stagnation with Final Fantasy being the only franchise that is actively attempting to evolve the JRPG with each release. The rest just seem to, for the most part, be riding on the coat tales of past successes.

So while I have been attempting playing through Final Fantasy XIII again recently I starting mulling things over and I sort of stumbled across an idea:

Why not take all those tropes, mechanics and systems that everybody loves in Japanese Role Playing Games and apply them to a more Western Design. In particular a British aesthetic. A British Role Playing Game.

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Schedule Update

First things first apologies for the lack of a Friday Post this week. I had planned to write about Catherine which I am currently playing but I want to finish it first before writing about it in detail. So that should hopefully be the coming week’s Friday Post.

So the plan for this week is as follows:

  • Monday – New Conversations About Games!
  • Wednesday – Link Storm!
  • Friday – Friday Post!
  • Saturday – I GET MARRIED!

To sum up my thoughts towards Catherine so far: It is a unique game that could only be made in Japan. It is deep, thought provoking and has a lot of subtext. So yay for people making games for grown ups! If you haven’t played it, go play it, it is worth your time.