Weekly Link Storm

Those who are friends/subscribe to me on Facebook will be familiar/annoyed with the constant barrage of thinks I link to on there. I do it for a few reasons such as me being an over-sharer and it gives me an easy way to go back to interesting news stories and articles that I come across. A lot of these links are video game related so in the interest of keeping things going around here I have decided to do a weekly (hopefully!) round up of the best of these links. 

They will mainly be video game related ones but I will chuck the odd non-gaming related link in there. Anyway let’s get started!

Steel Battalion is broken, and the fault lies with the Kinect controls – The PA Report

One of the many reviews for Steel Battalion that shines a light on how far Kinect and motion controls in general needs to go. It seems like Steel Battalion is near enough unplayable due to the issues Kinect has with seeing and detecting players.

Why Do People Hate EA? – The Jimquisition 

Jim Sterling sums up the current state of EA and the general impression they present to the wider public in his usual…angry style. Also why that whole IGN asking EA why people hated EA thing was perhaps one of the stupidest moves for all involved.

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer – YouTube

I am so excited for Dark Knight Rises! This new trailer has me even more excited! Not long to go now 🙂

Final Fantasy X Gave Me Control, After Spinal Surgery Took It Away – Kotaku

I always like reading these types of articles that show how any game can mean so much to different people for wildly different reasons. In this instance Final Fantasy X gave Tina Amini what she needed to get through her difficult recovery after surgery. 

Microtransactions ‘will be in every game’ – Develop

An interview with EA’s Peter Moore where he expresses his vision of a microtransaction lead AAA industry with EA at the forefront. Interesting and slightly worrying based on EA’s recent shenanigans to do with charging people for things.

Wooing Women Is Damn Hard Work – Kotaku

This is a brilliant write up of The Act over on Kotaku. If you don’t know what The Act is go check it out! It is one of the best looking and exciting iOS games in a long time. It has a brilliant art style and the simplest but interesting of game mechanics. Give it a look, it is worth your time.

Dredd Trailer – Kotaku

Being a British comic book fan means that I have to like Judge Dredd wether I want to or not! This first trailer for the new film version of the character looks surprisingly good. They seem to have embraced the cheese and B-movie aesthetic of the character and 2000AD comics.

Making a new CV/Resumé

I decided to use the current downtime I am having due to my degree show to do some productive stuff. One is to work on the concept for my adventure game, which is slowly getting there. The other was to redo and update some work related things that really need doing. One of these things that needed updating is my CV (or Resumé if your American). It was about a year out of date and the last update I did to it was just formatting. I didn’t change any info at all. No adding or removing, I just moved things around a bit.

So before we go any further here’s a couple of images of my old CV:

It is fairly standard and easy enough to follow. All the key information you need to figure me out and my various qualifications is there. You read through it and you walk away with an evaluation of my potential work ethic and abilities. That’s all well and good. It is a good CV.

Accept there is one major problem: It is just another CV.

There is nothing to make it stand out from the dozens (or hundreds!) of other CVs the game developers I am applying for jobs at will have to go through. It is just a name and some basic info. It doesn’t say anything about me or who I am. Also it looks a bit plain and when applying for a job in the games industry being plain is not the impression you want to give. So I took some time yesterday and today to do a overhall of my CV and here is the finished results:

You can find a PDF of it here (I recommend downloading it from Google Drive to get a high-res version). It is instantly better. It’s only one page and only contains the absolute key information:

  • My name
  • Website/Portfolio address
  • Qualification
  • A recommendation from one of my university tutors
  • My profile which gives a run down of who I am and what I can do
  • Details of my last three jobs
  • Contact Info
  • Brief lists of my key skills and personal attributes to reinforce my qualities
  • A mysterious QR Code that sends you to this site
  • Finally a picture of my beautiful face

Everything else that was on my previous CV is dotted around my site and on my LinkedIn profile for anyone who really wants to look at it. I decided to include and prominently display my picture for three reasons:

  1. It shows I am fairly open and comfortable showing myself
  2. It puts a face to my name
  3. “Professional” advice for applying for most jobs dissuades you from including a picture of yourself for reasons and stuff. (I have yet to find a good argument for not doing so)

So I think what I have is good and helps sell me well to potential employers. I’m planning on making a few more tweaks and changes in the next few days and weeks as I get my final grades, graduate and start aggressively hunting for jobs.

So what do you think of it?

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, an under appreciated gem of the current gen

Game: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Platform: Multi [PS3 played]

Yesterday was a fun and interesting day. My free download of Space Marine as part of my PlayStation Plus Subscription had finished a couple of days ago and it had finally downloaded and updated to the latest patch during the night. I loaded up the game thinking I would play it for a an hour or so before moving onto something else. Suddenly a few hours had past and I was still playing, I then had to pick up my sister but when I came back I went straight back to playing, then dinner happened but I was straight back to playing once I had eaten. After another break while I caught up with my fiancée I made one last push and finished the game. All in one day.

Starting and finishing a game, particularly one that has seen a retail release, in one day is something I haven’t done in ages. I used to do it all the time when I was younger and had the luxury to dedicate whole days to gaming. Also I just find it hard to sit and spend a whole day doing one thing these days. I always have something else to do, such is the life of a grown up (groan!). I had a list of things to do yesterday but playing Space Marine just superseded all of them because I was having so much fun playing it.

It is a good, fun and refreshing game that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys action games and/or has an interest or past with Warhammer 40,000. I might even go as far as to say that this is a true gem of a game that says a lot about the current generation of games and the trends that drive them.

Allow me to explain….

Everything in Space Marine is there as a complement or counterpoint to current game design trends. It is a hectic, action packed game that grabs you and doesn’t let go and it is a genuine joy to play, for me at least.

In the story department it isn’t anything groundbreaking, especially if you have played any other games set in the Warhammer 40K universe or have knowledge of the setting’s lore and tropes. There are big moments and set pieces and at the end everything is mostly wrapped up in a bow with a few hanging threads left for a potential sequel. All very by the numbers and easy to get your head around.

What makes it standout though is the approach and tone to the story. This is mainly down to the 40K setting and aesthetic but the story does not take itself too seriously. Things are on the line constantly and everyone talks like they have a serious smoking problem but it doesn’t feel forced or melodramatic at all. It just happens. You get the impression that while dealing with these huge problems and missions the game’s protagonist, Titus, and his fellow Ultramarines have seen all of this before. If you compare it to Gears of War which spends so much time and effort trying to make you connect with its characters and in my view failing miserably. Space Marine just embraces its over the top nature and just presents it to you as fact. There is know hammered in love story or tortured past. No long cutscenes full of exposition. Nothing needs a whole wiki dedicated to it just so you can understand it. There is just the game’s main plot and that’s it really. Everything that writers have a tendency to throw into games to make them more interesting has been put to the side and it works. You get a no-nonsense story that takes you from action moment to action moment. It is something a lot of games could learn from.

While being a game set in the “grim darkness of the far future, where there is only war” it is varied and colourful. Once again this is down to the 40K license more than anything. The environments have your usual action game colour palette of greys and browns but they standout because of the Warhammer paint that has been applied to everything. A series of trenches is covered in the patchwork, thrown together Orkish structures, huge messes of angles and crude construction. The cities show the broken majesty of a vast gothic Empire slowly crumbling under the weight of the never ending war. Huge ornate buildings and statues dot the skyline while the playable space feels tight and cramped in places giving the impression that the workers who used to populate the planet where crammed into every single knook and cranny. The huge mega factory levels really show the Warhammer 40K aesthetic of gothic-sci-fi where everyone is just a cog in the giant war machine. The environments are varied and you feel like you have seen a lot of the planet by the time the credits roll. You are taken on a tour of the Warhammer 40K aesthetic rather than shooting down the same corridors level after level.

It also helps that one major gameplay decision meant that the level designers could be a lot free-er with their approach to the game’s battle grounds.

In a time when every game that comes out that features a third person camera is tied down with cover shooting mechanics Space Marine laughs at the waist high walls and charges into battle chainsword first. Don’t get me wrong there will be times where you have to take a breather to let your shields recharge but the lack of a cover mechanics is freeing. It, along with need to melee enemies to death to recover health, forces you into the middle of the action and it means that the cover that is there can be varied across the length of the game. From piles of boxes to crumbling walls to these huge statues. It is not hindered by the need to have the player stick to it like glue. There are no strategically placed walls and pop-up cover points in this game. It all adds to the feeling that as a Space Marine you are the frontline of the battle you are the cover for the troops of the Imperium. It shows that many games that employ the popularised cover mechanics of this gen just don’t need it. There are alternatives out there and they are rooted in gaming’s past. Combat feels punchy and in your face like old school shooters like Doom and Quake with a healthy dash of God of War style chopping things into pieces for good measure. The cartoonish levels of gore make you laugh and cringe at times as Titus cuts down swaths of Orks. Stamping on their heads, cutting them in half, gutting them with his chainsword, crushing them with his huge hammer, etc. etc. Red is the primary colour of this game but it never gets to much to handle.

The game is far from perfect though despite my gushing praise. The weapons on offer while varied don’t really give you much in the way of different or divergent gameplay. You will by about the halfway point of the game have found a loadout that you will stick with for the majority of the game. Only changing things up slightly when the situation demands it. The action, due to its hectic nature, can get overwhelming at times especially when you are in the thick of things. The camera is fairly close so when you are in melee it is hard to see where the enemies are coming from. The jump pack sections a really good fun but quickly become repetitive as you easily over power the enemy. Also combat in the game can be a bit of slog at times when you hit some tough difficulty spikes, where the enemies take the term bullet sponge to new levels and drawn out checkpoints mean you have little room for error. Also the game’s backstory is told via that most tried and tested trend this gen: collectable audio logs. Which have only been included to add something to the game to give it replay value. You have the option to either just pick them up or pick them up and listen to them. I recommend you just pick them up because they don’t add much to the game’s story, mainly extra flavour which isn’t really needed.

Overall though the reason I enjoyed the game so much is that it wears its heart on its sleeve. It doesn’t try to be the next big thing or an industry changing game, it is just mindless fun at its best. Its core gameplay of shooting while charging in to get close to finish the enemy off is fun and refreshing. It keeps you in the moment and works to get the adrenaline pumping. That coupled with some really good pacing that knowingly gives you moments to pause and just walk through an environment before ramping things up again. Makes this a really good game. One that I certainly overlooked when it first came out and only really played because I was getting it for free. It surprised me because I was expecting Warhammer 40,000 via Gears of War as many people do just by looking at it. What I got was Warhammer 40,000 via Warhammer 40,000 which is awesome. All credit to Relic who once again show that they know how to work with the Warhammer IP.

An open letter to wider news media

Dear Wider News Media,

When writing about video games do not under any circumstances mention how games are not like Pong or Pac-Man anymore. It shows your ignorance and your willingness to throwaway 30+ of evolution and development of an entertainment medium. Do we gamers stand around an proclaim loudly that TV is not like it was when it was in black and white and relied on static cameras?

Mentioning Pong and/or Pac-Man does not provide a good point of reference for your “target audience” either, it only works to further increase the confusion between gamers and non-gamers. The average age of a gamer is 30 which is slap bang in target demographic for many newspapers and news sites. You are doing them a great disservice by relying on the Pong/Pac-Man argument.

If you are trying to explain Call of Duty to a 50 year old do not use Pac-Man it is nothing like Call of Duty. Say Call of Duty is like an empty Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie from the late 80s/early 90s but with slightly better writing. That is a point of reference that everyone can understand.

So feel free to throw around all the scaremongering and inflammatory “news” posts you wish but if you mention Pong or Pac-Man everyone with more than 5 brain cells will know you are talking bullshit.

Someone who gives a damn

Me – From my Facebook Timeline (ranty I know but it is how I feel!)

Planning For The Future: or what I am going to do while looking for a job

I’m at that strange point in my career where I haven’t really started yet but I am ready to get going. By this I mean I am in a phase of transition, from Game Design Student to Game Designer.

I have finished all my work for University and it has been moderated. I am eagerly waiting for the 22nd June when I get my results and I find out my final grade for my degree. After that I have graduation in July and then I am done with academic life (for a few years at least). In the meantime I have my degree show running for two weeks (yes you read that correctly) between the 15th to the 30th of this very month. Things kickoff tomorrow night with the opening evening which should be interesting. While all this is going on I am going to be doing a couple of things:

  1. Looking for work a lot more actively than I have been. The job hunt has been in fits and starts but I am using the degree show as a focal point to get my shit together, hence all the portfolio stuff being added to the site and to really kick the hunt for work into high gear. 
  2. Getting stuff sorted for my wedding in September. Yes, I met a girl a few years ago, she liked me and wanted to look after me and my particular brand of crazy – FOREVER! (Score!) 
  3. Make a game.

I am planning on making an actual living and breathing game. There are multiple reasons for this which I will now present to you in list format:

  1. Well I am a game designer, so why not?
  2. I am a game designer, so I need to make a game to “officially” become a game designer
  3. It will show prospective employers I mean business and that I can get stuff done (this will be a game that will be finished and released!)
  4. Everyone I talk to says I should do it not just for a career boost but for my own personal satisfaction
  5. I have been toying around with the idea for a few month and I’m now ready to jump head first into it
  6. I really should have done this 2-3 years ago

So this will not be a design document and prototype or a little demo to show the concept of the game off to people. This will be an actual full game, albeit a small and short full game. I am not aiming on making something that will reinvent the wheel. I just want to make a game that people can play and enjoy. I want to make a game that I can work on in the background while I am hunting down a job and dealing with all my other life stuff. I want to make a game based on something I have always wanted to make in various forms over the years. I want to stretch my legs a bit and design something I haven’t touched upon yet but have always wanted to. I want to wipe the dust off my script/story writing cap. I want to make an adventure game!

So what brought all of this about?

Well I have spent a couple of days exploring the internet and following link after link and journeying deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Looking at various things to do with game design in the run up to my degree show and for my own personal development. I came across a couple of things.

The first was this really informative piece on how to be an indie developer in the UK from the guys at Mode7. It breaks down the indie dev process into bite-sized chunks and gives a lot of great advice in the process. It also links to several other articles and blog posts such as this post from Derek about Finishing a Game which galvanised me into action. I have also come across a few useful game makers/engines and tools in the past few weeks that really make me want to do this (more on these in a bit). The time is right and it will stop me getting lazy while I am on jobseekers and looking for work. 

So here is my short term plan for the project:

  • Use the degree show to bounce around the game concept with my fellow students
  • Maybe rope one or two of them into working on the game, for free (the free bit is the most important part!) but this can wait until further down the line if needs be
  • Ask my old writing buddy if he wants to get involved (more on this if he says yes!)
  • Put together a pitch document
  • Experiment with the tools, engines and game makers I have stumbled upon
  • Start putting the game together in a basic form
  • Once a rough version of the game is up and running get an artist to make it look pretty! 
  • Test, test, test!
  • Experience crushing depression that the game is broken and rubbish
  • Tweak the game and tighten things up
  • Test, test, test!
  • Release!
  • Sip cocktails on a beach while praise and accolades are showered upon me

All this while being completely open about the design and development of the game with readers of this little website I run.

So that’s the plan for now and I am really going to push to stick to this and finish the game wether it is a broken mess or not. I will finish and release this game. I want to get this done and dusted within a year if not sooner. If it goes beyond a year to make and release then I haven’t stuck to my original goals. Ideally I am looking at six to eight months. Keeping it to a tight schedule will hopefully stop the game from getting to bloated with ideas and content. The only things that I will allow to increase the development time is me finding work at a developer. When that happens I will adjust the dev time accordingly to fit with me working on the game in my free time in the evening and on the weekend.

So keep an eye out! I will be posting more about the game in the next couple of weeks!

Ladies and Games

You can probably guess why I am writing a post about women in video games: The uncalled for attacks on Anita Sarkeesian (the details of which can be seen here and here) who only wanted money to help her make a documentary series called Tropes Vs Women in Video Games. The concept of the series is good: a look at a cross section of gaming and see how the female characters are handled and presented. Simple and to the point and hopefully it will work towards improving this great pastime enjoyed by millions. But what was this noble effort met with? An agressive assault on both Anita and her project. 

The only good thing to out of it is that it has drawn a lot of attention to the project and has galvanised people like me into backing it. At the time of writing the project is well past its asked for amount of funding but still has 67 hours left. GO. BACK. IT. NOW. Simply to piss off the ignorant idiots who are scared of this series being made. Also check out Anita Sarkeesian’s other work on her site and videos on her YouTube Channel. This kind of abuse is completely uncalled for and has really made me ashamed to be a male gamer. Props to Anita for having the incredible strength to withstand all that is being thrown at her.

Anyway moving on…

Female characters in games and how they are used/presented is something that needs to be looked at and talked about at an industry level. You can leave all the angry internet gamers to argue amongst themselves about who needs to make the sandwiches, who needs to be in the kitchen and to provide sites like Fat, Ugly or Slutty with the material to shine a light on their activities. On our side of the fence though where games are made there needs to be a discussion. Not just because of all the recent debates about women’s place in games but because it is important to this industry’s future business. So I’m not going to go into the different types of female characters like the female voice in your ear or the eye-candy, I’ll leave that to Tropes Vs Women in Video Games when it comes out. I’m going to talk about demographics.

Currently we can all agree that gaming particularly in the Core Market is decidedly male focused. Everything is a male power fantasy from the muscly space marines to the overweight plumber saving the princess. It is all attuned to the male demographic because that is the way it has always been since gaming’s earliest days. The male market made gaming what it is today and there has been little need for change. Until now.

Now, thanks to companies like Nintendo, sites like Facebook and devices like the iPhone and iPad everyone has access to and is playing video games, and yes a lot of these new gamers are women (flick through the ESA’s latest summary on the games industry here). The problem though is that currently, games for female gamers are targeted at kids and 30+ Mums on Facebook. There is not a lot for the teenage and young adult female gamer. Those that do play have to find what they can in the male focuses games that dominate the core market.

For a good example let’s look at my sister. She is a few years younger than me at the age of 17, she has her whole life ahead of her but it is a life almost devoid of gaming. When she was young and in her tween years she had a DS like every kid at that age and played it to death. She had an amazing town on Animal Crossing and enjoyed the Mario games because of their simple but effective design. As she got older though she played it less and less until the point that she stopped. She now plays the odd iOS game from time to time but gone are the days where she would sit with me and my brother and play games. Fair enough she became a teenager and with that came needed to distance herself from her family somewhat to find herself and all that. But that didn’t mean she had to stop gaming. She didn’t outgrow gaming she outgrew the games being sold to her. 

She got to 14/15 and saw there was nothing for her in gaming anymore, so she turned to Gossip Girl, Twilight, House of Night and many other teenage girl focused book series and media. Gaming lost her to Robert Pattinson because gaming couldn’t give her anything that helped her explore life as a teenage girl, wether in a good or bad way. 

Guys we are easy to please, from a young age right up until the day we die, we gravitate towards hero roles. Superhero comics have their huge cross-generational appeal because of this. The only thing that changes is that once we hit our teenage years we want to hump everything that moves. Thus our media starts using sex to sell us things and it is sex and ladies that is geared around pleasing us and only us.  So we get lads mags, Dead or Alive and Catwoman with a broken back,

and like our want to always be a hero figure once the need for sex grows in our loins it doesn’t go away. So sexual imagery goes from being targeted at horny teenagers to trying to please all men of all ages. Then because we are the majority of the market it becomes the norm to see and now as the number of female gamers increases on a yearly basis we are starting to see a backlash against the over sexualised imagery we have become accustomed to. You also have guys like me who have become disenfranchised with all the provocative poses and big boobs simply because I want to see more from female characters in the games I play. I’m a fan of all things Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Joss Whedon, I know it can be done. You can have a strong beautiful female character who can kick ass and deal with personal problems without the need to resort to putting her in skimpy clothing to please my more base urges to to make her appeal to me.  

But when that change to be more inclusive to female gamers happens, when we start to sell less of this at E3,

(pvponline.com – Full strip can be seen here)

and more games featuring strong female characters that are not just shells like Portal’s Chell or Metroid’s Samus before Other M. That allow the female gamer to implant their personality onto the character in the same way we do with Master Chief. We will still have lost a vast amount of potential female gamers because of the huge age gap between games for kids and casual games for older ladies. My sister is never going to get back into gaming unless she starts dating a gamer who re-introduces it to her in the right way. Like I (hopefully) have done with my fiancée. For her the ship has sailed and she might only re-discover it when she is 30+ and has some time to kill between meetings on her phone.

Also better female characters is a good thing for guys too because not only will it help reinforce positive stereotypes it will also work towards stopping those bastard kids on Call of Duty being so goddamn annoying!

It is something that I am always trying to explore and improve in my own way but there needs to be a big industrywide shift and soon just to stop the haemorrhaging of female gamers we are currently seeing. As for the ladies who have stuck with gaming throughout their lives; they’ve put up with enough of our crap, it is time to give something back.

Diablo III & Subtly Deep Customisation

So I was working on a really big post about Diablo III that was part review, part analysis. I got about half the way through then life got in the way and time passed. All that I was going to say about Diablo III in a review sense has been said already by other people on sites that more people visit. So I kind of threw everything out of the window for the post but there is one thing I wanted to share with you all. Diablo III’s customisation options.

It was something I noticed in reviews and when people have been chatting about the game in general. There is a view that the game has less in the way of customisation than Blizzard’s other games, the most notable comparisons being made rightly or wrongly with WoW. I disagree with this limited view of the game’s customisation options and took it upon myself to try and explain its depth from a game design point of view. So here we go!

[Warning there will be flowcharts!]

(go here for the big version)

This is what most people see when looking at Diablo III and the range of choices the player can make. The surface level choices. One slot for everything and a limited number of options. Fair enough the game is designed to present this surface layer prominently but there is actually a lot of choices present within this seemingly limited range of options.

(go here for the big version)

The level of choice available is immense, not just with the abilities and runes system in the game that has a countless number of possible combinations for the player. You also have gems, dyes and a lot of weapon choices. Unlike most RPGs you are not necessarily locked into using one or two types of weapons. My Wizard can just as easily rock a mace and shield as he can a wand and power source. The option is there and it empowers the player. 

I’m always a fan of customisation in games and always keep an eye for it in any shape or form it comes in. So what if can’t change the facial features of my character? The choices available to me have both cosmetic appeal with the dyes and can effect my gameplay in a large variety of ways. Weapons and Armour change my stats, usually for the better, and the skills and abilities. Well they just about let me play the game how I want with the minimum of fuss and if I want to change something there is NO penalty for doing so. That is deep customisation and the best thing you can do with it is hide it under a simple surface layer. To the point where your average player takes advantage of it with realising it. 

Having click happy addictive gameplay helps too!

Portfolio Details

Most of the work presented here was done for various University assignments but I have included some personal projects as well.

The ideas and game designs presented here are all my own, unless stated otherwise, and are owned and copyrighted by me. The use of and reproduction of images and materials in the various documents is done under Fair Usage and is used to help show my ideas and concepts rather than plagiarise. 

All documents are presented in PDF format with some exceptions. My presentations come in both PDF and Keynote files as these were designed in Apple’s Keynote application and the various animations, video sections, etc cannot be included in PDFs. It is recommended if possible that you view the presentations in Keynote. Also for my level designs there are two filetypes used. The first are Google SketchUp files and the second are UDK levels. Versions of the software used to create the designs are listed on their respective posts. Both of these applications are available freely from Google and Epic Games respectively. 

If you wish to use or reproduce any of the documents listed on this page or have any questions please contact me via the Ask About Game Design! tab at the top of the page.

Year 3 Work – Honours Project


Time Travel Game:

Superman: Man of Steel:

Visual Design Document and Game Wiki Comparison

Extras: The Master Post

Pitch Presentation Video:

I toyed with presenting my Honours Project across several portfolio posts like the Franchise Development work……but…….My honours project is strongest when you can see it all in one go. It helps sell the idea behind it all to you. Here I have linked to all the documentation that was submitted for the honours project so get stuck in and tell me what you think. I have also put a link to the Master Post which also has links to all relevant blog posts regarding the honours project and it is well worth checking out.

Like any big undertaking the Honours Project had its highs and lows. There was a lot to do for it and in the end I think I managed to pull it off even when I had to cut a portion of the project’s content towards the end. Superman: Man of Steel is one of my most realised designs to date with the prototype playing a big role in that. It is a design I am going to go back to when I get the time and really flesh out. The Visual Game Design Document idea fits the design perfectly and I want to see how far I can push it.

The Time Travel game while a sound idea still needs a lot of work in my opinion. The focus for it was the use of the Wiki to document the design rather than the design itself but I wish looking back on it now that I had dedicated a bit more time to it.

Overall the it was one of the most rewarding pieces of work I have done simply because there is so much of it and I put a lot into it. The conclusion to in future mash the wiki documentation and visual document together could prove to be interesting too.