Project Superman Pitch Presentation

Link: Project Superman Pitch Presentation

[UPDATED] The link now sends you to a newer public version of the presentation on iWork. If you want to gain access to the full presentation with notes, comments and different downloadable versions please email me at: so I can send you a permissions link.

This is a short presentation (click the arrow or the title of the post to view it) I put together to show the basics of the Superman game idea to the other students on the course. The main reason was to get feedback on the idea and to see if the direction I am going in is good. Currently I have shown it to my fellow third years and the first years. I’m planning on showing the second years so I can get further feedback.

It turns out that I am on the right track! The mini Q&A session at the end allowed me to go into some detail about the structure of the game and what end game content would work to keep players playing the game. Also how things like combat and powers would work. The inevitable question of flight came up too which I explained my plan for briefly (more on this in a future post).

One thing that stood out was the positive response the Superman design from the new Action Comics:

The jeans and T-shirt look got a few favourable mentions. So it is something worth considering for the final design.

Finally one thing that a few people mentioned was Crackdown which isn’t a game I have played but it seems I am tapping into a few of the ideas from that game. So I will check it out.

So now that that is over with it is time to get down to some serious research!