This is the Game Design Blog and Portfolio of Callum Langstroth which follows the highs and lows of his career. The blog covers his musing and thoughts about game design, video games and tabletop gaming. The Portfolio shows off some of his older work.

Callum is currently working as a Junior Designer at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe – London Studio helping to design exciting games for the PlayStation audience.

Callum Langstroth has a First Class Honours degree in Computer Games Design Enterprise from the University of Central Lancashire. Where he also received the Dean’s Award for the Creative Contribution to Computer Games Enterprise in 2012.

Callum has a good understanding of game development software such as Epic’s Unreal Engine, Unity and RPG Maker VX Ace/MV. Along with a solid base knowledge of programming principles and languages such as Java. His Game Design methodology is one of constant idea generation and refining of his existing designs to help him realise and implement his ideas.

Callum  also has a good grasp of business, enterprise ownership and start-up procedures which is backed up with a good amount of general business knowledge and practise. His degree in Computer Games Design Enterprise allowed him to explore various avenues of the game design and development process while being able to back up his work with good solid numbers from detailed market research. This unique skill set gives him all that is needed to design great games, work as a team member and see the impact of any decision for a game in both terms of the developer making the game and the industry as a whole.

Callum Langstroth’s main goal in life is to help create and design great games that entertain their players for hours on end. He also wants to play his part in taking video games forward into their bright future.

Feel free to ask any questions about gaming and game design by contacting Callum directly or in the comments on a relevant blog post or page. Please feel free to contact him via the Contact Me page!

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